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Quality Air Conditioning Services by Bangkok Aircon

Bangkok Aircon Company is a professional air conditioning services company in Bangkok. We have a team of experienced air conditioning technicians who can help you with all your air con needs. Whether you need a new unit installed, repairs done, or just regular maintenance, Bangkok Aircon Company is the company to call.

man fixing air con compressor
Have you noticed that your Air Conditioner is not as cool or efficient?

A dirty Filter, clogged pipes and unbalanced system will cause an unhealthy climate for yourself. This could lead to flu-like symptoms which makes it necessary to find out what's wrong quickly before things get worse! You may need another cooling device installed on site if this continues - consult a professional today so all systems work properly again.


To determine whether an air condition­er is causing health issues for you or your family, check for these symptoms:


  • You have breathing difficulties.
  • You often feel unwell and experience dizzy spells.
  • You have dry nasal passages or dry skin.
  • You often get sick when you're exposed to germs.

Air Con Installation Services

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Air Con Repair Services

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Air Con Cleaning & Maintenance Services

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  • Wall Mounted Air Con Units

    The most common type of unit to feature in residences, get in touch now for a quotation.

  • Ceiling Mounted Air Con Units

    Providing services for air conditioning units that have been mounted in the ceiling.

  • Floor Mounted Air Con Units

    We have experience on working on floor moutned air conditioning units.

Why Choose Us

Top reasons why Bangkok residents choose Bangkok Aircon for their Air Conditioning service needs:

  • secure

    Stay cool this summer and save with our professional air con services!

  • Efficient

    Don't suffer in the heat - call the experts at Beer's aircon services!

  • savings

    We keep our prices competitive so you are not breaking the bank.

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